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» 72 Minutes
» Region Free

Review Score:

Retired military intelligence officer, Major Ed Dames, has stunned millions around the world with his groundbreaking documentaries and Remote Viewing training programs. Now, the one they refer to as "Dr. Doom" and his team will review predicted events that have already come to pass and provide shocking detail regarding upcoming catastrophes and epidemics that plague mankind's future.

Viewing the Future: Grim Predictions by Major Ed Dames begins by presenting the frightening history and accuracy behind the once top-secret U.S. military program as it moved into the private sector. Discover the stunning truth surrounding dozens of predictions made on national radio; weeks and months preceding these disturbing events including:

  • A devastating terrorist attack
  • The month and location for an unprecedented earthquake
  • The recent rise of a new crop killing fungus

    Proven as an effective tool through military and private operations, Viewers now looks even farther into mankind's future to see what deadly events will disrupt our way of life. Within this exclusive documentary, Major Ed Dames and his team reveal several future prediction that are yet to occur with frightening detail including:

  • Upcoming disease outbreaks
  • Devastating and imminent Earth changes
  • The next use of a nuclear weapon

    "You're in for a surprising treat! "Viewing the Future" will keep you glued to your seat from start to finish! The interviews provide shocking insight into the real world of Remote Viewers and the production quality is up there with some of the best documentaries I've ever seen. The past and future predictions are presented perfectly with a LOT of supporting evidence and news articles. If you're a skeptic of Ed Dames and listen to all of the heckling out there on the web, this documentary will change your entire outlook about Dames and Remote Viewing as a whole. For skeptics and fans alike, this DVD is a MUST OWN!!"
    - H. Otis

    "Viewing the Future is everything the Killshot wasn't. This is one of those videos that you just don't want to pause for any reason."
    - S. Reamer

    "Remote viewing the future provides the kind of insight into Ed Dames' predictions that I never though we would see and provides far greater insight than what we hear on coast to coast AM. Dames and his viewers come off as being very human and show a side that is amazing and humbling."
    - Tera Cross

    "Easily Major Ed Dames' best documentary ever! I was a little taken off guard because I wasn't expecting such a good DVD. I wasn't really a fan of Dames in the past even though I was always curious about his predictions. After years of following him on Coast to coast, I take him far more seriously now."
    - Wilma Stroh

    "Its funny how FACTS change the way you look at something. Ed Dames' new video provides the full truth surrounding his past and future predictions that will have you shaking scared. And if you think this documentary is nothing but a "praise Ed Dames" video, you're wrong! It talks about all of the success as well as the failures and provides a truly unbiased view of Ed Dames. Truly unexpected and incredibly well done!"
    - B. Coates

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