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» USB Pen
» 240 Minutes

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Master Tips Seminar is recomended for those experienced with Remote Viewing protocol from the Learn RV Course.

Remote Viewing is the fastest growing declassified ESP skill in the world and has been featured on dozens of national TV and radio programs. Tens of thousands of people in over 30 countries have learned this unconscious mind secret through Major Ed Dames' Remote Viewing DVD Course and have used this incredible breakthrough from viewing tomorrow's stock market changes to predicting future disasters and life-changing events. Remote viewing has been proven to work time and time again with unprecedented accuracy.

Now, the man behind the most effective Remote Viewing training system in the world, retired military intelligence officer, Major Ed Dames, is proud to finally announce the first official companion to the original Remote Viewing DVD Course. Introducing 4-DVD The Remote Viewing Master Tips Seminar.

The Master Tips Seminar provides never-before-revealed insider tips and secrets for maximizing your Remote Viewing abilities including...

» New cues for optimal health, treatments and cures
» Decode and understand ideograms
» Extended stage four protocols
» Newly revealed real-world RV operations
» And much more!

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