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» One DVD
» 40 Minutes
» Region Free

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This DVD documentary, Remote Viewing the Lottery, is hosted by two of Major Ed Dames' students and now trained Remote Viewers; the mother and daughter team, Mary and Cherise Rivera, will walk you through the RV technique they have utilized to win the Texas pick three lottery two times!

This beginner's method for winning the pick three lottery worked for many others including Mary and Cherise and could work for you too! If you are learning Remote Viewing or are interested in beginning, don't pass up the chance to watch this great video!

Remote Viewing is a revolutionary skill that transfers information from your unconscious to your conscience awareness and can provide you with the answers to anything you would like to know; however, due to the manner in which information is transferred, there are some limitations in obtaining data involving dates and numeric information.

The numeric barriers can be difficult to bypass, even for more experienced Remote Viewers. As a result, new techniques that accompany the fundamental Remote Viewing skills are being refined each day. The method provided in the "Remote Viewing the Lottery" DVD is an easy to learn technique for obtaining single digit numeric information using Remote Viewing that has been used by numerous students to win the daily three lottery in various states. This is great news as this method is easy enough to learn so even beginning and intermediate Remote Viewing students can use it!

Think of it as a method for attempting to break the "numeric barrier". This method has shown a high percentage of success for beginner and experienced Remote Viewers and is the perfect way to start using your developed skills in Remote Viewing for some really fun targets and practical activities!