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The Learn Remote Viewing DVD course, by Major Ed Dames, was built entirely from the ground up; utilizing the latest protocols and methods to provide the most effective and comprehensive training program in the world! The proof is in the results; read the students testimonials, or take a look in the official student forums where people just like you are effectively learning and using Remote Viewing on a daily basis. Be sure to also watch the video samples to help explain the RV process and witness a rare look in to a live training session! If that wasn't enough, you can even sign up for live training at the RV workshops!

How does the DVD course work?

The Learn Remote Viewing DVD course was built entirely from the ground up to offer a user friendly experience that provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and interactive lessons as you proceed through each training stage. After each lesson, you will execute a blind practice target that incorporates what you have just learned; conducting each Remote Viewing practice session right along with the classroom students on the DVDs! After each session has ended, detailed feedback is immediately provided and the target is revealed; comparing your session results with the actual results of the classroom students! The feedback segments will show you how accurately you hit the target and where your pitfalls may have been so that you quickly and continually become more accurate! Each DVD expands upon the previous lessons to truly provide the most effective, comprehensive and easy-to-follow training course in the world!

The complete 30-day training course consists of 4 DVDs! In addition to executing targets right along with a real workshop class, the course also provides unlimited training targets to execute in between DVDs so that you may practice and enhance your skill to a comfortable level before proceeding to more advanced lessons. The course was designed to allow you to go though each DVD at your own pace!

The proof is in the results!

It's no wonder that since the world-wide launch of the new Learn Remote Viewing DVD course, more people have successfully learned RV, and are using it for personal and professional applications than ever before. The effectiveness of this new course is so outstanding, that testimonials continually flood in from shocked and amazed students from around the world!

Do you have more questions about Remote Viewing?

To find out more about Remote Viewing, check out the frequently asked questions page, or watch several of the video samples. You may also post a question in the public area of the official RV Community student forums.

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