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Remote Viewing Future Disasters
Recommended for those experienced with the Learn RV course.

NOTICE: This DVD presents the same techniques used to predict several past disasters including the JAPANESE NUCLEAR DISASTER shown HERE as well as disasters presented in The Killshot DVD

Since the Remote Viewing program was declassified, civilians around the world have been learning Remote Viewing for personal use, but the specific method that professional viewers used to see future disasters and personal threats was previously taught ONLY in live training classes with the program's operations officer, Major Ed Dames. But now, after years of secrecy and public demand; these cues and techniques have been made available to the public in the new Remote Viewing Future Disaster Application Workshop DVD.

Join the online community!

When you get the Remote Viewing Future Disasters Application Workshop, you'll get FREE online access to the Remote Viewing community where you can join other Remote Viewers just like you to work as a group on future disaster projects. Your results might even be featured on national TV or radio by major Ed Dames himself!

What does Remote Viewing Future Disasters cover?

  • Remote Viewing the next global disaster
  • Remote viewing the next specific disaster
  • How to narrow down disaster locations (seen here!)
  • Remote Viewing future disasters by country, state or city.
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Viewing current personal threats