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» USB Pen
» 67 Minutes

Review Score:

The Chronos DVD is recomended for those experienced with Remote Viewing protocol such as the Learn RV Course.

Two Remote Viewers, Michael Ruiz and Bobby Torres, trained by retired military intelligence officer Major Ed Dames, claim to have unlocked the solution to pinpointing dates for predicting near-future events. Discover the shocking secret that Remote Viewers have been using to foresee and prepare for catastrophes, disease outbreaks and more. Available exclusively in this advanced training DVD!

RV Chronos is a newly developed methodology to pinpoint dates for predicting near-future events. Since the declassification of Remote Viewing from the CIA and U.S. Army programs, trained students have been predicting unprecedented future events that have shocked the world and saved lives. The RV Chronos DVD takes the basic Remote Viewing skill to a new level by finally cracking the solution to pinpointing specific dates for near-future events and disasters. This breakthrough allows Remote Viewers to be more prepared for the future than ever before and this new advanced training DVD is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools in the RV industry.

The RV chronos DVD covers:

» The science and theories behind RV chronos
» Detailed explanations of the RV Chronos protocol
» Setting up prediction cues with RV chronos
» Step-by-step instructions for executing RV Chronos projects
» Analyze RV Chronos Remote Viewing data
» Managing real-world projects working alone or with a team