Complete RV System:
Learn Remote Viewing Course
Master Tips Seminar 4-DVD
Remote Viewing Financial Markets
Personal Sanctuary:
Personal Sanctuary Cues
RV Future Disasters
Professional Techniques:
RV Chronos: Unlocking Time
RV Geoloc: Find Your Treasure
Classified Screts Revealed:
Exposing the Agenda
Behind Closed Doors
Develop Your Natural ESP:
Technical Dowsing Course
Remote Perception
RV for Fun and Gain:
Remote Viewing Sports Betting
Remote Viewing the Lottery
Remote Viewing Financial Markets
Information DVD's:
A World without Secrets (DVD)
Viewing the Future (DVD)
The Killshot (DVD)
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Your source for the most comprehensive Remote Viewing training, documentaries and prediction videos from those in the original CIA and U.S. Army RV program. The Remote Viewing products we feature come with FREE LIFETIME TRAINING SUPPORT at

The Complete Remote Viewing System!
These 3 Packages Teaches the Entire Process!

Learn Remote Viewing 4-DVD Course
The Learn Remote Viewing DVD course, by Major Ed Dames, was built entirely from the ground up; utilizing the latest protocols and methods to provide the most effective and comprehensive training program in the world! This course teaches ALL the core Remote Viewing protocols, stages 1 through 4 (discs 1 & 2), including Cuing (disc 3) and real life targets & project management (disc 4).
Remote Viewing Master Tips Seminar (4-DVD)
Accelerate your training in the Learn RV course to the max with the Master Tips Seminar, by Major Ed Dames. The Master Tips Seminar provides exclusive tricks & techniques that were previously utilized strictly by the professionals for maximizing your abilities. Stages 5 and 6 are covered in this Master’s Tip set.
Remote Viewing Financial Markets (DVD)
You will learn the most advanced RV technique is the Hybrid-ARV technique developed by Major Dames’ and professionals to know the answer to any binary question easily and quickly! Major Dames show how this very advanced technique is so SIMPLE to use on one of the most difficult applications possible. You’ll not only learn this technique but then apply it to financial markets, include FOREX, indices, commodities and stocks.

Personal Sanctuary & Killshot Related

Personal Sanctuary Cues with Maps! (2-DVDs)
For the first time available publically, Major Ed Dames has revealed the only official techniques and cues needed by Remote Viewers all over the world to determine and locate optimal personal sanctuary locations for upcoming global events including the killshot. A copy of Surviving the Killshot DVD which contains a color booklet showing various "death" zones that must be avoided.
Remote Viewing Future Disasters (USB Pen)
Major Ed Dames, reveals the cues for you to use so you can foresee both natural and man-made future disasters in your area so you can protect your family – or – even upcoming global events. These cues were used to predict everything from the Madrid terrorist attack, the Japanese nuclear disaster and dozens more! Use them to protect yourself and family.

Secrets Pros Use to know “When” events will happen and “Where” your target is located!

Chronos: Unlocking Time (USB Pen)
You used Remote Viewing to know something is going to happen, but you don’t know when? Two Remote Viewers, trained by retired military intelligence officer Major Ed Dames, claim to have unlocked the solution to pinpointing dates for predicting near-future events. Learn the techniques to bracket events in time that you can use for catastrophes, disease outbreaks and more!
RV Geoloc: Locate Anything (DVD)
After years of secrecy, professional viewers have finally broken their silence and are revealing the Remote Viewing Geoloc technique to the world. Locate anything you desire from buried gold and valuable objects to religious artifacts and people's locations! The step-by-step guide shows the power in RV by using simple vectors to zero on your target quickly!

Government Classified Secrets Revealed

Exposing the Agenda: ET's & Government (DVD)
Major Ed Dames has finally revealed the connection between never before exposed E.T. and government agendas in association with the approaching Killshot! You may think you've "heard it all" before, but Major Dames will reveal new groundbreaking information that exposes a frighteing grim conclusion that you could never imagine.
Behind Closed Doors (3-DVD set)
The largest release of classified Remote Viewing project results from Major Ed Dames in history. Almost 30 Top-Secret Topics Exposed including the "New Word Order", "US Government Secrets", "Transcendental Tech", "Planet-X", "Human Microchipping", "Mafia Secrets", "Alien Interaction", "Time Travel", "Activity on the Moon", and more.

Develop Your Natural ESP and Intuitive Abilities

Learn Technical Dowsing 2-DVD Set
Through modern scientific research and instructional techniques, you can now penetrate the mysteries of military developed dowsing and discover the limitless opportunities for personal growth and acquire the invaluable search and survival ability to find virtually anything you're looking for. Dowsing is an intuitive skill that allows you to search for anything “in real time”.
Remote Perception 4-DVD Course
The world's first genuine Remote Perception home training course in which you work alongside a live filmed class! This truly immersive program will teach you Remote Perception from the ground up with real-world targets, feedback and results; all without the need for any previous experience! Remote Perception is a course to learn how to develop and harness your natural ESP and Intuitive Abilities.

Using RV for Sports & the Lottery

Remote Viewing Sports Betting (DVD)
Ed and His team made $250,000 in a single day using RV after being challenged by Art Bell! The EXACT technique is here! This is the MOST secure secret in Remote Viewing. This DVD shows you step-by-step the exact technique used by Dames and team to predict with 100% accuracy the Six (6) NFL games playing later in the very same day! And they placed a never before heard of 6-team parlay and WON!
Remote Viewing the Lottery (DVD)
For those that love the daily lottery, RV'ers Mary & Cherise Rivera walk you through the RV technique they used to win the pick three lottery multiple times! The method is very easy to learn for obtaining the three single digit numbers! We receive countless emails of winning lottery tickets from grateful RV’ers sharing their joy in winnings using this method.

Informational DVD's

A world without Secrets (DVD)
Break through the mysteries of ESP and watch how scientific research provides shocking proof that the powers of Remote Viewing and dowsing were effectively harnessed during top secret military operations before their declassification to the public. This DVD features several ESP experts including Major Paul H. Smith, Mel Riley and Hal Puthoff.
Viewing the Future: Grim Predictions (DVD)
Viewing the Future will provide exclusive information regarding the most terrifying future events that Remote Viewers see as imminent and catastrophic. In addition, you will be taken deep inside professional Remote Viewing operations that reveal details surrounding accurately predicted past events including a devastating 9.0 earthquake and recent environmental changes.
The Killshot: Approaching the Moment
The Killshot Remote Viewers worldwide are seeing massive solar flares that are so devastating they may cause the death of billions and change life on Earth as we know it in the near future. Normally, one might not take such a warning seriously; however, Remote Viewers have a unprecidented track record of being amazingly accurate!
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